Thursday, November 5, 2015

Kathleen Kane brings down the house... Her next appearance should be Wilmington.

   The massive scandal brewing just across the border with embattled Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane fending off a career ending attack - that could land her in the pokey - by powerful government interests should be a wakeup call. It should serve notice on the arrogant, corrupt, entrenched bureaucrats, appointed and elected officials in Delaware who believe they are above the law. 
   With these inept, recycled legal hacks in key policy making roles Delaware has become little more than an open sewer, a cesspool of corruption, where disinterested individuals passing through - on their way to actual cities like DC or Philly - stop only long enough in Wilmington (its largest city and seat of business) to take a stinking, steaming shit or release a hot load right into the willing orifice of some eager young girl... or boy. (Delaware is third in the nation for reportable sexually transmitted diseases in young people 15-24 years of age.) Most of these miscreants are close personal friends or have served in senior policy making roles within Jack Markell's administration. (The nomination of Jennifer Ranji - under whose failed tenure The Children's Department was run into the ground - for an open Family Court Judge berth is case-in-point.)
   Nevertheless, it has become fairly apparent that policy within Delaware Department of Justice under the abysmal mismanagement of Attorney General Matthew Denn is not driven by best practice or even by law but by hubris with stakeholders and policymakers unaccountably and imperiously doling out "services" to favored constituents while unethically denying them to less favored ones they have deemed to be persona non grata.
   Like Patricia Dailey Lewis in her role as Chief of the Family Division. Lewis headed up this division during the Thomas Matusiewicz incident. As a seasoned, competent prosecutor, she should have seen it coming. She fucked up because she is arrogant and incompetent and, as a result, innocent people got killed. I had an unproductive practically acrimonious meeting with Ms. Lewis in the wake of another intentionally botched prosecution.
   A complaint to Denn (who was lieutenant governor during the Thomas Matusiewicz incident) regarding his reappointment of Lewis to her role as head of the family division resulted in an inapt response by an entry level correspondence type disingenuously stating that the agency has had “extensive” contact with me. I had only had one meeting with Lewis. The other contacts were 2 or 3 at best e-mail exchanges with the prosecutors complained about, which hardly constitutes "extensive" contact. 
   Like Christian Douglas Wright, Director, Consumer Protection Unit, who directed an office manager to send me a belligerent e-mail after I respectfully requested that criminal charges be lodged against the owner of a business I had filed a formal consumer protection complaint against. The business owner dismantled my car and refused to reassemble it, stole thousands of dollars in parts, and misappropriated $1,500 he was supposed to pay another vendor to rebuild the motor. (We still do not know what he did with the motor.)
   Wright’s office sent out one form letter to the crooked business. The business responded expectedly. Wright unilaterally decided that his office would take no further action (though the three consumer protection lawyers I had exchanged e-mails with all said to a person that was not the procedure for processing consumer complaints within this agency). All we hear in response to these egregious service failures, unlawful denial of access, and official misconduct is silence from Denn who allows these managers to run amok with no accountability within the DOJ, which is supposed to be lead law enforcement - prosecutorial - agency in Delaware.
     “U.S. law enforcement officers and other officials like judges, prosecutors, and security guards have been given tremendous power by local, state, and federal government agencies—authority they must have to enforce the law and ensure justice in our country. These powers include the authority to detain and arrest suspects, to search and seize property, to bring criminal charges, to make rulings in court, and to use deadly force in certain situations. 
   Preventing abuse of this authority, however, is equally necessary to the health of our nation’s democracy. That’s why it’s a federal crime for anyone acting under “color of law” willfully to deprive or conspire to deprive a person of a right protected by the Constitution or U.S. law. “Color of law” simply means that the person is using authority given to him or her by a local, state, or federal government agency.”
   Call me naïve but it is outrageous an unethical culture of government has sprouted up in Delaware sanctioning an unbelievable lack of accountability. The government is supposed to be accountable to the people – honest, hardworking citizens whose taxes handsomely compensate them. It should not be encouraging, defending or enabling stakeholders, policy makers, appointed officials, and agency heads to ignore correspondence; and, insult constituents with mean e-mails, contemptuous letters and clever excuses torturously rationalizing a failure to perform an official duty. 
   Unaccountably and imperiously doling out "services" to favored constituents while unethically denying them to less favored ones they have deemed to be persona non grata is unlawful when done under color of law. These pompous, officious functionaries who refuse to discharge their sworn obligations, without reasonable explanation that passes the smell test because it reeks of corruption, cast a cloud of disrepute over government that cause the civil service to devolve as it has into a nonfunctioning bastion of mediocrity.
   Like Kathleen Kane in Pennsylvania, whose scorched earth exit from state service has already caused the resignation and investigation of a state environmental secretary, state police superintendent, three judges (one a Supreme Court Judge) and several former top officials in the attorney general's office leaving many embittered and fearful, it often only takes a single nudge to cause the dominoes to fall. I hope to provide that nudge to the federal government to launch a widespread "public integrity investigation" in Delaware. Public officials engaging in this sort of institutionalized malfeasance: odious misadventures that bring opprobrium to their office severely diminishes the public trust.

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Low Infomation Whites Dying At An Alarming Rate

  A startling new economic study out of Princeton University found that working class whites without high school diplomas between the ages 45 to 54 were experiencing significantly higher than normal morbidity and mortality rates. The study compared working class whites living primarily in Appalachia, the Mid-West and the Deep South to similar working class whites throughout the industrialized English speaking world.

   The correlations to “similarly situated” blacks these same poor whites loved to defame for unmerited “victimhood,” “race baiting,” “playing the race card,” and “dependency” are equally startling. Co-factors such as low, under or unemployment, high poverty, stress, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, drug and alcohol abuse abound within these populations. Sound familiar? It should.

    Blacks have been enduring these same pathologies since Reconstruction: dying young, and then being blamed unfairly for deep-rooted socio-economic conditions relentlessly driving high morbidity and mortality rates in the African American community. “Lazy,” “shiftless,” and “irresponsible” are recklessly bandied about by ignorant inbreeds inarticulately employing dated slang like “boss” “my man” ex cetera implying that they are - equal to if not hip nonetheless - better than any niggra they know. The racist sentiments are spewed mostly by poor white trash who can barely form a sentence more or less write one but reflexively resort to conservative “talking points” – i.e., generalized, racist presumptions - about complex socioeconomic issues they can barely comprehend.

   Poor and working class whites tortuously defend the status quo deploying like automatons, employing well-worn tactics, hackneyed catchphrases like “self-responsibility” that essentially blame blacks for their own oppression. They conveniently provide cover for the country’s real power structure – comprised of roughly 150 families - for unasked and unanswered questions regarding the growing wealth inequality gap between blacks and whites.

   The latter group of whom directly benefited - in some cases only 5 or 6 generations earlier - from 250 years of uncompensated labor by enslaved Africans; a brutal system of chattel slavery that created white privilege and generational wealth on the broken backs of black folks leaving them in dire economic straits with a low standard of living that fuels many of the very same pathologies made evident by the Princeton study.

   The flawed analyses these “low information” types regurgitate from bubble headed, blond bombshells with their big tities and short skirts barely covering well-formed, crossed legs, CFMP (Come Fuck Me Pumps), showing a teasing amount of bare skinned, alabaster thigh -- for the drooling, sloped forehead demographic FOX News employs these “journalists” -- to target representing a classic “bait and switch”. One that pits poor and working class and middle class whites against working and middle class blacks, who should be natural allies. They have more in common than not.

   Case in point, former Republican presidential candidate Gov. Scott Walker (R-Wis.) was allowed free reign to engage in union busting activities by unilaterally eliminating collective bargaining for public sector workers. Instead of working class whites joining in the campaign to oust Scott, they cynically voted against their own best interest enviously figuring they did not enjoy what they mistakenly perceived as overly generous benefit packages and competitive salaries that some public sector workers did (interestingly, a labor pool where blacks are over-represented), why should they care about collective bargaining.

   Emboldened by Walker’s success, which was funded in large measure by rich vested interests through various super PACS, presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio), and beleaguered Gov. Rick Snyder (R-Michigan) both attempted to push through similar legislation in their home states. Fortunately for public sector workers in those states, both Kasich and Snyder were soundly defeated. Historically, union success in collective bargaining benefited all workers.

   However, the power structure routinely rolls out the “divide and conquer” strategy to prevent these two similarly situated socio-economic groups from aligning, effectively leveraging their resources to push back against race-to-the-bottom type wage concessions, which have decimated the working class in this country.

   Through conservative think tanks hawking policy papers couching a conservative agenda in a far more palatable Libertarian perspective, white working class Americans have for 40 years been indoctrinated by a false narrative vilifying the Social Security Act of 1935 as a communist inspired social experiment all dressed up in socialist garb, which was successfully expanded under every subsequent Democratic administration except Bill Clinton's.

   Social engineering in the form of entitlements (read that: "hand-outs") had run its course. And these programs now needed to be reined in under the guise of balancing the budget right on the bowed backs of those least able to sustain such a harsh ride. But there has always been income redistribution in one form or the other in this country.

   Eliminating already slashed-to-the-bone entitlement programs funded by the Social Security Act would cause immense hardship for many vulnerable populations lacking the means to share resources or resources to stave off inflation, health care, energy and food costs, and daycare - all of the programs that are subsidized by the so-called "welfare state."

   Widespread elimination of collective bargaining would have a similar disastrous effect in driving down wages, allowing employers to terminate employment with little or no cause, which would also be an unintended consequence of creating a hostile work environment, and increased participation costs for fringe benefits. We see significant evidence of worker protection erosion by looking at discouraging employment data from “right-to-work” states.

   The wizard behind the curtain emblemized by the oligarchy that really runs the country (right into the ground) disdains poor and middle class whites just as much every other social class that does not share their station in life. In common parlance, the term "social class," is usually synonymous with "socio-economic class," defined as: "people having the same social, economic, or educational status," e.g., "the working class"; "an emerging professional class."

   Until poor and working class whites (especially high school educated males) more concerned with being card carrying members of the white race than they are with realigning their worldview to appreciate that a rising tide lifts all boats begin to embrace this simple truism, we will continue to lose ground on progressive in contrast to regressive public policies.

   America’s once enviable standard of living will continue to erode while rich folk like Mitt “Daddy Warbucks” Romney of the 47% fame laugh all the way to the bank. And simple-minded, naïve whites - with their unrequited love of the Great White Father - continue dying from FOX inspired propaganda “at an alarming rate.”

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