Sunday, April 7, 2019

Beauty and the Beast

...this is an outrageous miscarriage of justice ... ...and if the system  worked for blacks equally, the Judge would have immediately set aside the verdict in the interest of justice... you simply cannot condemn a  promising young man with absolutely no previous criminal involvement to  prison for 12-years; and, brand him with a lifetime sexual predator label when he's only 20-years old! And only had a consensual, (if ill-advised) make-out session with a 17-year-old, which is the age of consent in virtually every state of the union. That white jury didn't see him as anything other than an archetypal, hypersexual beast defiling a virtuous, little, young, corn-fed, alabaster beauty. Beauty and the beast. The King  Kong metaphor played out in a cramped courtroom surrounded by flat plains filled with endless cornfields in the heart[less]land of  America... Welcome to Kansas... After all, it was the scene of the infamous Scopes "Monkey" trial back in the day. Forget Evolution. Now  Kansans apparently no longer believe in biology either ... Jesus  Christ... This poor kid is in serious trouble and judging (no pun intended) by those after verdict photographs, he well knows it... When will black folks as a group begin to develop an intolerance for this sort of indignity😟 and injustice...…/05/student-sentenced-for-non-rape.html…

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