Monday, August 28, 2017

Brand "New Deal"...

The Democrats need to be yelling from the rafters... "infrastructure, infrastructure and infrastructure" 'til it is heard loud and clear by the body politic. The country has been starved by an entrenched Republican bureaucracy of massive investments in construction to pay for desperately needed upgrades to crumbling roads; antiquated highways; dangerous bridges; poorly-patched airports; aging railways; lagging, expensive internet [fiber optic] connectivity; vulnerable electrical and co-generating grids; nonexistent sewage recycling; water purification and desalinization plants; solar and wind farms. 

Those efforts if championed loudly by the Democratic National Committee actually spending money with black and Hispanic media like EastNYManagement Company would put tens of millions of Americans back to work. Franklin Roosevelt promised "a new deal for the American people" when he accepted the Democratic nomination for president in 1932. In 1935 he signed the Social Security Act into law. A brand "New Deal" would augur in a new era of prosperity for America and increase the Democratic voter base: working-class Americans lost to cynicism. All Americans could then reclaim our place at the forefront of the "First World."

The myopic Republicans only want massive spending increases for the prison-industrial and military-industrial complexes respectively with tax breaks to the wealthy gutting what little revenue remains to funds those desperately needed initiatives. Their supporters do not grasp the fact that infrastructure rebuilding is a win-win proposal for all Americans. The spending, wages, taxes and improved infrastructure would stimulate tremendous economic growth the likes of what we haven't seen since the end of World War II... 

What is wrong with this picture? Conservatives standing firmly in the way of progress? Or claiming tongue-in-cheek, they need to balance the budget (on the backs of the least of them: the most vulnerable citizens in our country). The Republican caucus has never seen a war they didn't support; tax break they didn't like; or, social safety net program they didn't want to cut. It is time to relegate these alabaster relics to the scrapheap of irrelevancy where their bigotry, treason, and intolerance can be irreparably rendered as useless as them.

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