Friday, January 2, 2015

Sounding the death Knell...

The sporadic protests by diverse coalitions of angry, disaffected young black folks, white progressives, liberals and others with a profound concern for an abysmal lack of fair play and injustice spurred by questionable killings of three unarmed black men, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice (who was certainly not a man but a pre-teen) over the last, past six months may sound the death knell for white supremacy in these United States.

Utterly irrelevant, angry, aging, racist relics like former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former New York State Governor George Pataki, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity as well as a host of less well known but equally influential white folks, (like the corrupt, racist judges who unlawfully took my child from me), prosecutors who refused to indict these killer cops, just to show there was enough probable cause in those deaths meriting a trial would have quelled these protests not by righting a demonstrable wrong but by letting a jury decide the perpetrators’ fate.

Instead the white power structure arrogantly changes the rules in the middle of the game telling us through blurred camera lens and muffled microphones of secretly sympathetic “journalists” with a straight face, a wink, and a nod, that in every case the killings were unilaterally deemed de minimus, suggesting the evidence in their biased worldview was considered so negligible it did not justify pursuing any legal action whatsoever.

These racist whites not only cling to their “guns and religion,” but deep-seated fears of racial annihilation by the prototypical big-dicked black man – the King Kong metaphor with art imitating life – ravaging the virtuous, pretty, young white woman who in this instance is symbolized by white society at large.

By brutally enforcing white supremacist values through institutionalized racism characterized by an unmitigated hubris, which allows a plain clothes New York City police officer to choke the living hell, indeed life, out of "a big black man" in living color, the white power structure through the police show the metaphorical "nigger" who is in control. It is is why in the aftermath Giuliani said "they [police] protect us [white people] from them [niggers]." What he meant to say is that they [police] control them [animals] for us [white folks], however.

True to form, to the rescue comes Uncle Remus, the mythical black character known for his sage wit who to our chagrin devolves into little more than an effete apologist for white supremacist values by transforming into the universally reviled Uncle Tom before our very eyes. It becomes surreal: a veritable minstrel show as the usual suspects, compromised Negros parade out in lockstep asking us to suspend common law and common sense, all while touting their obeisance to Eurocentric, individualistic values that have never served the African community well either here in America or throughout the Diaspora.

Justice Clarence Thomas, District Court Judge Gregory M. Sleet, both of whom routinely vote against black interests; Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Armstrong Williams, Larry Elder, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Charles Barkley, Bill Cosby (who has been getting his comeuppance of late) and too many other shameless Negros that have forgotten where they have come from. In their zeal to slop greedily at the trough of public largesse and corporate generosity, they have collectively sold out their less fortunate brethren for thirty pieces of silver, and have become too co-opted to act as anything other than pitchmen for the status quo: maintaining (Lilly) white supremacy.

These men and women are the children of the Negros who began fleeing the inner city as fast as their charter bus sized station wagons and 20¢ per gallon leaded “high-test” gasoline would carry them straight to tangibly hostile, suspicious, barely welcoming suburbs. Bused out neighborhoods cropping up like target duckies on the outskirts of major cities, which allowed these intrepid pilgrims to realize a vestige of the American dream.

Urban decay, blight and rampant criminality, replaced the well maintained communities, which characterized the once solidly middle classed inner city neighborhoods left in their wake. Fat, sleek and well fed, reviling in their own self-aggrandizement, posh country club memberships, exclusive secondary schools, fawning adherence to prosperity ministries, and enviable vacation destinations such as Oaks Buff (long the vacation destination of the black elite.

Oaks Buff is outside of Martha’s Vineyard, and was once derisively described by famed jurist, the late, great Hon. Bruce Wright as “Spook’s Buff”), these black businessmen, ministers, accountants, doctors, lawyers, engineers, scientists, educators, tradesmen and civil servants - brought into the myth, fed by wall-to-wall commentary, and regurgitated by highly paid touts: ill-informed, racist conservative talking heads on some of the most reactionary radio and television shows on the air - that they had made it, why can’t “you people” (conveniently ignoring the structural inequalities that make success for a large segment of the black community an illusory dream)? They need only to come out of those wealthy enclaves and ask one of the black twentysomething year olds manning the protest lines…

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Warrior's Instinct

About his seminal life changing tome, "The Warrior Diet," Ori Hofmeklern says "its breaks all the rules and shallow-minded restrictions placed on [us] by society. Thousands of years ago, these warriors were common. They lived entirely by instincts. In fact, whole societies were [comprised] of warrior clans. They spent days defending their lives. They moved from place to place, never stopped long enough to settle down. Generally, they only sat down to eat one meal a day, and that was always at night after the battles had been fought. Their bodies were lean and hard. Their instincts were honed to perfection.” I have never read anything - except maybe by action adventure writer Eric Van Lustbader - that has come as close to characterizing my life and style, which I live unapologically. We have lost our natural instincts and impulses, which is why we modern day humans have become prey… of lethargy, conspicuous consumption, debauchery, idolatry or to those with intent of taking our treasure or lives. We have become literally and figuratively speaking "soft" and round because of these devastating lifestyle choices but also because of the harmful hormones - often estrogen - found in our commercial food supply, which causes men to acquire fat deposits around their bellies that is extremely difficult to lose. But that “hair rising up on the back of your neck” as you depart down a long dark corridor; visceral reaction that you try desperately to quell when you meet someone of ill-intent is an instinct that use to fuel our “fight or flight” response. It is an instinct we have lost, and one I used to tell my jujitsu students is “situational awareness,” the first major precept of self-defense. Ori’s book turns convention on its head because he argues – persuasively given his own lean physique and years as a member of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF), which is universally regarded as one of the world’s best trained army – that if we simply live as close to our inner spirit and, if possible, food source, we can regain much of the vigor and eliminate most of the bad fat we try to do now chemically – Viagara ™, Oristat ™ and its less potent cousin Alli ™ come to mind to name a few of the more popular drugs we spend huge sums of money on to often disastrous side effects. "Better Living Through Chemistry," which is a variant of a DuPont advertising slogan has only been good for Dupont and its shareholders. I have always lived like a “warrior,” and so has my son. He eats when he wants, and what he wants. I typically feed him as much yogurt, whole grain bread, peanut butter, fresh fruit and vegetables as he wants with very little if any other processed meats and foodstuffs beyond the yogurt and peanut butter. (God knows the little tyke is probably not getting the huge bowls of fresh fruit he loved thanks to Justice Henry Dupont ironically - a plight that has been detailed in another post. It is what drives me to shake off my own lethargy and regain fighting shape. The two are not mutually exclusive. Instinct and fitness are related. And I have to fight for my child.) I watch often in bemusement as people who are grossly out shape, leading sedentary lives embrace conventional dietary orthodoxy to justify self-destructive eating habits. Grease laden breakfasts, huge lunches, continuously snacking throughout the day as they rush to drive the bus, sit behind a computer terminal, desk, or, worst, that inviting overstuffed couch. Until I read Ori’s book, I honestly thought there was something wrong with me for only eating when I wanted, which is called “intermittent fasting.” I was just doing what warriors of old did instinctively. Now that I can put a name to how I eat, how it can dramatically improve my health, help as I regain peak physical conditioning, and, concomitantly, reduce stress, I am formally integrating his diet into my “warrior” lifestyle. Stayed tuned for reports on my progress...

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Spiritual Renewal

In all my years, I have never been confronted with as much injustice, unfairness and adversity as I have in 2014. As I usually do, I brought in the New Years (if I am not with my son) at Empowerment Temple which is a Baltimore sanctuary pastured by a young, charismatic and dynamic preacher named Jamal Bryant. His sermon New Year eve was about not so much about us looking forward to 2015 but turning our back on what lay behind with the closing of 2014. It was an interesting message to say the least. I came as I usually do without any prayers for myself but many for humanity and, of course, my son whose plight has been detailed in an earlier blog . I am optimistic about what 2015 has to offer. But drawing on Pastor Bryant’s message, I want to turn back on 2014 by taking care of myself first through discipline and spiritual renewal. So I am fasting for seven days to purge my body of all the impurities, toxins and environmental contaminants I have absorbed during the last past twelve months, exercising and writing more, while eating less, and meditating daily. I think a renewal of spirit involves sacrifice and deprivation. This sacrifice is evident in the three great monotheistic religious traditions. In Al Islam it is called “Ramadan,” which is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and a time when Muslims across the world will fast during the hours of daylight. In Judaism it is often observed either strictly (a complete absence of food and water for at least 24 hours) or partially during “Yom Kippur” and “Tisha B'Av.” In Christianity, Lent was the traditional Christian festival where a long, strict religious fast was imposed on all adherents and people gave up all rich food. The day before Lent starts is known as Shrove Tuesday. Through prayer, fasting and meditation, which are major keys opening the door to communicating with our higher power and understanding how it can empower us to successfully navigate through life, I hope to unravel the mysteries of life. Pray with me.