Friday, February 20, 2009

Social Justice

With the advent, ascension truly, of Senator Barack Obama [D-Ill] to Office of the President, and Eric Holder as attorney general, the death knell may have finally sounded for institutionalized racism in these United States. Holder set it off Wednesday when he said America was "a nation of cowards" on matters of race, with most Americans avoiding candid discussions of racial issues. The airwaves and world wide web were set ablaze as conservative talk show hosts and their fawning sycophants feigned outrage over Holder's hit-'em-in-the-head truism. For too long black folk have been force fed an unrelenting diet of racism masked as conservatism misinformed in diatribes by the likes of race-hate radio pioneer Bob Grant (WOR) followed quickly by his WABC replacement, a high school graduate named Sean Hannity, Michael Savage, Laura Ingraham and reigning champion Rush Limbaugh. Unabashed bigots all who only serve as bottom feeders fanning unsubstantiated fears by an ill-informed populace. Limbaugh's shameful dominance of conservative talk radio bespeaks an entrenched bigotry that Holder spoke to in his widely criticized [conservatives] but well received nonetheless [progressives] speech. With Holder at the helm over at Justice hopefully the attorney general will put some teeth into the 2nd Chance Act. The Second Chance Act of 2007, which was signed into law by President Bush on April 9, 2008 after receiving broad bipartisan support from Congress. The legislation reauthorizes the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968 (OCCSSA), authorizing grant funds that promote comprehensive planning and collaborative delivery of services to individuals recently released from prison. The Second Chance Act, H.R. 1593, was introduced by Representative Danny Davis on March 20, 2007. It passed in the House by a 347 to 62 vote on November 13, 2007 and cleared the Senate by unanimous consent on March 11, 2008.Stay tuned.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


Since its inception, the Internet using the world wide web has helped peeled back what had heretofore been a vast, forbidding and often mysterious world, exposing a wondrous, enticing facade under what frequently lies a sordid dark, dank underbelly. Together we will explore this world from a critical perspective. There are many captains undertaking this voyage all over the world wide web. I am gratified you have chosen my vessel on which to share this journey. Our voyage begins now...