Monday, August 28, 2017

Brand "New Deal"...

The Democrats need to be yelling from the rafters... "infrastructure, infrastructure and infrastructure" 'til it is heard loud and clear by the body politic. The country has been starved by an entrenched Republican bureaucracy of massive investments in construction to pay for desperately needed upgrades to crumbling roads; antiquated highways; dangerous bridges; poorly-patched airports; aging railways; lagging, expensive internet [fiber optic] connectivity; vulnerable electrical and co-generating grids; nonexistent sewage recycling; water purification and desalinization plants; solar and wind farms. 

Those efforts if championed loudly by the Democratic National Committee actually spending money with black and Hispanic media like EastNYManagement Company would put tens of millions of Americans back to work. Franklin Roosevelt promised "a new deal for the American people" when he accepted the Democratic nomination for president in 1932. In 1935 he signed the Social Security Act into law. A brand "New Deal" would augur in a new era of prosperity for America and increase the Democratic voter base: working-class Americans lost to cynicism. All Americans could then reclaim our place at the forefront of the "First World."

The myopic Republicans only want massive spending increases for the prison-industrial and military-industrial complexes respectively with tax breaks to the wealthy gutting what little revenue remains to funds those desperately needed initiatives. Their supporters do not grasp the fact that infrastructure rebuilding is a win-win proposal for all Americans. The spending, wages, taxes and improved infrastructure would stimulate tremendous economic growth the likes of what we haven't seen since the end of World War II... 

What is wrong with this picture? Conservatives standing firmly in the way of progress? Or claiming tongue-in-cheek, they need to balance the budget (on the backs of the least of them: the most vulnerable citizens in our country). The Republican caucus has never seen a war they didn't support; tax break they didn't like; or, social safety net program they didn't want to cut. It is time to relegate these alabaster relics to the scrapheap of irrelevancy where their bigotry, treason, and intolerance can be irreparably rendered as useless as them.

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Friday, June 30, 2017

The Grand Oaf Party

...these embittered alabaster relics of bygone days clinging to their waning privilege like a drowning man to a life raft have brought so much opprobrium to our institutions, (i.e., the Executive, Judiciary and Legislative branches of government), it has ceased to function equitably for "the people." And it's a sad testament to the entrenched racism that drives realpolitik in these United States ...

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Friday, June 16, 2017


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Deep, resonant bass for your narration, promo or announcement

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Bill Maher

I've reserved comment on the Bill Maher controversy 'til now for the most part. But a great deal of marquee Negros with unfettered media access have taken Bill Maher to task for his impudent use of the N-word. Maher can be obnoxious, irreverent, and wear his liberal credentials on his sleeve. But he is unabashedly progressive and, more notably, has the space to promote progressive causes worldwide. So, we had better watch what we pray for. Because these same Negros condemning Maher hardly uttered a mumbling word about the refusal of either the DNC or Clinton campaign (which was flush with cash) to spend any money with black media companies with predictable if disastrous results in the 2016 election. Now we have to live with the consequence of their inscrutable silence until next year when hopefully they will speak with one voice for the DNC to open its bulging coffers to black media...

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

New York State Prisons and Racial Bias

   Unfortunately, many of the reactionary, knee-jerk comments in the NY Times piece The Scourge of Racial Bias in New York State Prisons by Michael Schwirtz, Michael Winerip and Robert Gebeloff on December 3, 2016 reflect why radical prison reform is practically impossible in this country; especially in the wake of the contentious 2016 presidential race as an administration - comprised predominantly of aggrieved white ethnics strikingly similar to the rural, isolated communities many of the guards and institutions are located - comes to national power.

   Many of these same people would be outraged if the ignorant, racist guards (many who can barely read or write) treated an animal - e.g., pet, dog, cat, gerbil ex cetera - in the same despicable manner they treat these inmates (or other guards who happen to be black. Interestingly, I read no comments on systemic racism impacting black guards) with little or no oversight or accountability.

   So, what these self-righteous commentators - making overly broad generalizations, casting a huge swath of non-violent offenders as "violent criminals" because they may be housed in a "maximum security facility" sans any objective evidence to support such conclusions - fail to note is that the vast majority or approximately 90% of these inmates are serving on average six year sentences.

   Demoralized, brutalized, under-educated, and under-trained, most invariably return to the same environment that nurtured their criminal exploits upon release. Unless they are fortunate enough to land a conscientious parole officer (which is a huge stretch considering most parole officers are barely a cut above the very parolees they supervise), who can immediately divert them into job training and job readiness programs that leads to actual employment (and, hopefully, a liveable wage).

   Until that occurs routinely, prison is not the end of the line for these people. It is just the beginning. And black and brown communities will continue to be plagued by broken families, drug and alcohol abuse, and disproportionately high crime rates. If progressive thinking prison reform advocates, mass incarceration opponents, radical reformers and change agents want to see wholesale reform that will have a ripple effect on crime and punishment in this country, tie prison vocational-education programs to United States Department of Labor apprenticeship or journeyman models enabling inmates to gain a marketable skill before release that can take them from the "big house" to the "club house."

   This reform will never happen, though. There is little or no will for it within the state legislature. So, the same aggrieved white ethnics who are over-represented among the guards in these brutal warehouses will fight tooth and nail to prevent it from threatening their livelihood while their buddies offer up a hackneyed refrain complaining that a common-sense proposal to train these inmates to discourage recidivism is rewarding the criminals...

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