Monday, October 7, 2019

Trump sacrifices the Kurds to keep Turkish Revenue stream

This insipid boor masquerading as a president is now sacrificing the Kurd to salvage royalties on a building he licenses his name to in Istanbul

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Botham Jean: The Aftermath...

..the family of Botham Jean can express their humanity however misguided in whatever fashion they so choose. But those two aunts Jeminas saw in her conviction, not a murderer, but as mammies... a frail, vulnerable, white maiden needing comfort and solace from those mean black people...

Let's be honest... The bailiff using the moment to touch the long silky blond hair (wearing the cheap flea-bitten wig she had on that she should've been embarrassed to leave the house with...) she secretly craves; and, the Judge, using the moment to naively cast aside her office to ostensibly proselytize to a racist murder (but wanted to comfort like a mammy of old losing the victim in this an outrageous display of affection) shows that some of us are walking around "deaf, dumb, and blind..."

Ain't no future in cooning and buffooning, though... And rest assured the Judge Tammy Kemp’s career came to a screeching halt and abrupt stop... as it well ought to...

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ENY Spot

Looking for writing or narration work... Hollar at your boy... "Giving Voice To Your Vision..."ENY Spot

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Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Breaking News!

Breaking News!
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Mourning the passing of Eddie Ellis

  New York City generally and Brooklyn particularly has long been unaffordable for all but the most inveterate city-dwellers. So, after graduate school at Buffalo State College, I sought my fortune elsewhere; first, in Delaware before settling in Maryland (where I now live - albeit tenuously - on the Eastern Shore. And though that is little excuse for no longer listening to WBAI, after station management inscrutably cancelled the “Caldwell Chronicles,” the inexplicable cancellation became my line in the sand nonetheless. And I lost interest in ‘BAI programming. So, when I learned that famed radio personality Bob Law now hosted a show – i.e., “On the Streets” - on Saturday mornings, I returned grudgingly to the station line-up to listen.

   I tuned in a tad bit early because the NAN livestream with Rev. Al Sharpton was winding down. “On the Count” was doing its outro and something the current host said alarmed me. He referenced producer and host Eddie Ellis in the past tense. Stunned and incredulous, I raced to the WBAI URL to learn to my utter disbelief that my brother Eddie Ellis had passed away in 2014. What a tremendous lost to the ‘BAI family. And may I offer my belated condolences. Eddie was a champion for “returning citizens.”

   Like many black men, I spent my share of time in the state’s most brutal – e.g., Attica, Clinton, Green Haven and Sing Sing – prisons before (as Amari Baraka once wrote) I “got a sense of [myself…]” That was thirty-five years ago, though. And I have never looked back from those experiences. But unlike me, Eddie had the courage to talk about his experiences as both an offender and ex-offender unapologetically. And, more importantly, provide a roadmap to success for people returning to the community. And though I am certain this mission is being carried on by the current hosts of “On the Count,” Eddie set the mold. And he cannot be replaced.

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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mr. Eric Nicholas Vitaliano, 40 Laurie Ct, Staten Island NY 10304-2900

Flagrantly carrying water for an influential opposing party - e.g., characterizing the answering party’s brief as “commendably thorough” while casting the moving party's colorfully pleaded brief as "piecemeal" – brazenly breaches the boundaries of ethics, fair play and impartiality. Adding insult to injury by taking the aggrieved party to task with thinly veiled threats for exercising his constitutionally (a right obviously lost on a jurist who presides tenuously over an Article III court or Court of “Equity” whose raison d' etre is supposed to rest solidly on this premise) protected right of redress for grievance pursuant to the first amendment is inexcusable in an adversarial system of justice, though.

And this “Judge” (with his unmerited lifetime appointment) can best spend the waning years of ignominy oppressing impecunious litigants by studying exceptional examples of the federal judiciary like Judge Leon Sullivan on the District of Columbia bench - instead of squandering his time crafting inept, disrespectful and tortuous rationales for dismissing a meritorious complaint against well-connected corporations. Companies with pockets deep enough to retain “white shoe” law firms to defend against well-pleaded complaints (with improper, provocative “letter motions”, unpleaded claims, and irrelevant evidence in violation of Federal Rules of Evidence not to mention case law binding on this Circuit).

Companies like Schwab engaged in demonstrably unfair business practices that simply needed to provide provenance for an account with which they should not have had fiduciary powers to control. In closing, the decision was disgraceful: a radical departure from any objective standard of jurisprudence. And the superfluous commentary insulting and self-serving both. But it also explains why an uninformed, racist demagogue - who has brought hundreds of dubious claims to this Circuit over a twenty year period - is poised to become 46th President of these United States.

Every single institution comprising this representative democracy - i.e., the Executive, Legislative and now the Judiciary – have broken down and no longer functions equitably for the very denizens it was designed to represent and/or protect with co-opted, compromised legal hacks manning the helms... We are not intimidated, however. And we will always speak truth to power

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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Time and Season

Hard pill to swallow, but NOT EVERYBODY you want in your life wants YOU IN THEIRS "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1 ..."